World Book Day by Charlie

I went to the hall and I sor lots of popul dressed up.

My best friend Mya by James

Mya is my best friend. She’s very nice to me. She bought me some presents and a card that said that we are special friends. I really like it. At break time we are going to play with my new football together. I am going to miss her. She helps me with my work and she is kind. She is tough and strict. Thank you Mya.


Goldfinches go! 👍By Rachel

Yesterday we had staff and poopil games.  I did the  egg and spoon rase and won👏🏻Mrs Lee throw the vortex  far and gave her trainers to Mr Godfrey👣 I actually sor Mrs Syrad run and she doesn’t like running so I gave her a 👍! Goldfinches had a great day 👋🏻.

Great day out by Rachel

We  went to the Thames  valley Adventure  playground  on Toosday. It was very hot .  My best bit was  when  we went in the water splash because it was fun .

My trip

I went to the Thames valley adventure playground. I liked the bikes and the bed swing.

By James


Goldfinch trip

I went on a trip. I went on the pirate ship. I likd driving the car. I likd playing wif my frends.

By Charlie

Scott says

Mr Farrell you ar nis. I liked talking in class. I want to see it🎤📹


Mr Farrell filmd me balansing on the bol and throwîng the been bags in the net. The video is going on the web. Evriwun wil see it and be happy.

I will be famus by Ismaeel

Mr farrell tok video of us in our classroom. He will pot it on the website when it is finished for the hol world to see. It was fun. I had to look at the kamra and do some torking I felt confident.